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Production of Green Disinfectant Based on Natural and Non-Toxic Ingredients Against Corona Virus

 | Post date: 2020/08/9 | 
the current conditions. Most of the conventional disinfectants contain toxic ingredients that cause concerns to end users, especially the vulnerable consumers.”
These green disinfectants are produced using SDC technology that is based on electrolysis of silver ion in citric acid; and unlike majority of silver ion based disinfectants, this technology contributes to sustainability of silver ion and when it comes in contact with citric acid enhances the disinfecting properties; Javanbakht pointed out.
This green technology is monopolized by only three countries in the world; and considering the global demand for green disinfectants, there is a potential of exporting this strategic product that is approved by EPA and FDA as well. The SDC based disinfectant inactivates Corona Virus in one minute and maintain its protective effect for 24 hours after application.