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Production of More than 150 Types of High Purity Chemicals

 | Post date: 2020/08/9 | 
Researchers of a knowledge-based company in Technology Tower of Amirkabir University of Technology managed to develop the technical knowledge and produce more than 150 types of highly pure chemicals. Dr. Mehran Javanbakht, academic member of the department of chemistry, emphasized that in spite of having 7% of the world mining resources, Iran has a small share of this $700 billion global market, due to the lack of attention being paid to advanced chemical technologies. According to the statistics published by Islamic Republic of Iran Customs, the largest share of import of goods and raw materials to the country belongs to chemicals, he explained.
Referring to the collaboration between the department of chemistry and knowledge-based companies he said: “Kimiagohar Amirkabir knowledge-based company produces a wide range of high purity chemicals under ‘Kimiagohar’ brand. Registration of 6 international and 15 national patents are amongst the achievements of this collaboration in the field of advanced materials.”