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Removing Petroleum Pollutants from Underground Waters Using Active Carbon Extracted from Walnut Skin

 | Post date: 2020/08/9 | 
Amirhussein Husseinalizadeh Khorasani, graduate of Amirkabir University of Technology explained his project titled “Study of Removing Petroleum Pollutants from Underground Waters Using Permeable Reactant Barriers” and said: “Considering the fact that underground waters of Tehran Refinery are polluted by petroleum material and the pollution might extend to agricultural waters in southern Tehran, this study was conducted to prevent the pollution and enhance the quality of water in this area. This absorbing agent successfully removed 95% of the COD content from the polluted water.”
Khorasani pointed out complexities of the work and said: “The major challenge in this project was procurement of the raw materials for COD tests, which are hardly imported to Iran, because of the sanctions. The active carbon used in this system as reacting agent is a low-cost material extracted from plant and fruit wastes (such as walnut skin).”
Supervisors of this project are Dr. Bahram Nasernejad and Dr. Narges Fallah.