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The Vice Chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs Announced in a Press Conference: Student Counter Set Up at AUT / Health Police Started Working at the University

 | Post date: 2020/08/9 | 
Dr. Siavash Khorsandi announced in a press conference: “We hope to set up the student counter at this university before autumn. Sports complex of the university is under construction. The project has a physical progress of 90% and will hopefully start working this autumn. Of course, some parts of this complex, including the body building salon is ready for operation. This is the fifth year we are renovating 4th and 5th grade dormitories for enhancement. Two new dental units have been installed in health center of the university. New equipment have been purchased for the heart clinic of the health center.”
Pointing out establishment of the Health Committee at AUT he added: “This committee was set up in accordance with instructions of HSE Council of the university prior to outbreak of Corona Virus. A four billion IRR fund was raised in “Empathy Campaign” during the outbreak of Coronavirus.”
He also announced establishment of the charity fund of Amirkabir University of Technology as well as the counseling plans for students probated for two consecutive semesters.