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Current Injection Electrodes Produced Using Nano-Technology

 | Post date: 2020/08/9 | 
Researchers of the department of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy of Amirkabir University of Technology added activated nan-carbon to the electrodes coated by catalyst oxides to enhance electrochemical performance and lifetime of the electrodes and propose a suitable alternative for oxide anodes used in production of chlorine for water treatment. 
Mehrad Mehdipur, PhD graduate of AUT and developer of the project “Development of Current Injection Anodes with Nano-Carbon Tube” explained: “In this study we attempted to enhance performance of current injection anodes (including the service life and electrical conductibility), compared to similar imported and locally produced products, by adding activated carbon to oxide coats. The entire process of producing anodes, including procurement of materials, laboratory and semi-industrial coating have been done at the university. Currently, after development of industrial-scale workshop, the anodes are produced in industrial scale.”
Pointing out results of the study he said: “Industrial production of current injection anodes is intended to produce chlorine for water treatment, and disinfectants; and all required industrial approvals are in progress.
Supervisor of this project was Seyed Hadi Tabaian, faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology.