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Introduction and Valedictory Ceremony of the Dean of Amirkabir University of Technology, Mahshahr Campus

 | Post date: 2020/09/26 | 
Dr. Ehsan Khamechi was appointed as the dean of Amirkabir Universiy of Technology, Mahshahr Campus upon the command of Dr. Seyed Ahmad Motamedi, the chancellor of the university. During the introduction and valedictory ceremony of the dean of Mahshar Campus, Dr. Mohammad Reza Razfar, advisor and AUT chancellor’s chief of staff said “based on our measures, a perfect relationship is formed between this very campus and Hormozgan’s industries and we hope to keep it up.”
Dr. Razfar also highlighted “We insist that research activities expand in Mahshar Campus. The project of controlling petrochemical pollutions of Mahshar also was signed during Dr. Rahmany’s presidency".
He added “In my estimation Mahshahr Campus is a priceless asset for Amirkabir University of Technology”.